Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gardening with Snickers

Snickers is so proud of all her hard work helping to fertilize the flower patch.

Her work isn't done, yet. She keeps herself busy looking for ground squirrels, and other critters. She discovered the wolf spiders dragging their egg sacks around over the ground and thought they might be a new toy. I discouraged her and busied her with a game of catch.

We are very lucky that Snickers is willing to share her garden with us.

Aren't the violets and lilies pretty together? Thanks, Snickers!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Accounting for Managers

Snickers has been very busy guarding me while I have been studying for my Managerial Accounting Class.

Yep, she takes this VERY seriously.

Nope. No getting past this dog.

Look out! She's there for me!

Oh, no. Not another garden picture.

Hey, what's going on here?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Snickers Gets HomeMade Dog Food!

We have taken the plunge to reduce the amount of packaged dog food Snickers eat. Snickers had a routine Veterinary appointment, so we talked about home made dog food for Snickers. We were cautioned that we would need to be very careful about keeping Snickers weight down. It can be easy for a dog to gain weight when eating a home made diet. Another warning was that we would need to take extra care of Snickers teeth because she wouldn't be eating the crunchy nuggets.

So, we purchased a "finger cot" style toothbrush that fits over our finger. We have some fluoride free chicken flavored toothpaste to use with the toothbrush. Another caution was not to brush the inside of the teeth until we were sure Snickers wouldn't bite!

Making the dog food was easy. I weighed out 60% meat protein, 20 % fruit and vegetable and 20% grains and legumes. I didn't use onions or peppers. First I put the ground meat into a slow cooker until the fat cooked off. Then I drained as much fat away as I could. I added the vegetables, fruit and grain and cooked until everything was soft. Then I used a potato masher to roughly mash and mix it all together. I froze small portions so I could take a days worth out each night to thaw in the refrigerator. Everyone should talk to their vet before they try any homemade recipes. You, the dog and the vet all need to be comfortable with what you are feeding your dog.

Snickers just loves the food. We are carefully watching her weight to see if she will put any pounds on. Doesn't she look silly getting her teeth brushed?

Hey! How did this garden picture get in here?