Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I have to tell you eight things about me you don't know. My friends Boo and Ben Benjamin are playing a game with me and they want to know my secrets.

  1. I love Buddy cuz I think she would taste really good if I caught her.

  2. I don't like Buddy at all cuz when I snap my jaws at her, she pecks me really hard on the nose and I don't think she should do that just because I'm trying to eat her.

  3. My favorite nap spot is laying between mom's legs. It's so warm there! Sometimes she kicks me out because she gets too warm.

  4. I think worms taste good.

  5. The best smelling perfume is mourning dove poop.

  6. I dig up mom's flower bulbs and eat them when she's not looking.

  7. Sometimes I like playing with Ralphie, the dachshound, even though he nips at my last three legs and ears.

  8. Snickers isn't my real name.

Aren't my baby cardinals getting big? I just took the second picture today and the first one two days ago. I'll bet next time we take a picture, they will be chirping.

Now I am going to tag Peony and Kingsley.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bird Watching

We checked on our baby cardinals this morning. They have a fluffy coat of feathers and open beaks. The eyes are huge and still closed. They have a very busy mom and dad right now. I can't wait to see what color the feathers will be.

Snickers was very busy today hunting and chasing birds. I think they enjoy teasing her. She will see one perched on the lawn, and run to chase it down. By the time she reaches the bird spot, it is gone. Snickers does the next best thing and sniffs and rolls in the spot. Could the bird have left some glorious perfume? Then another bird will land on the lawn, and Snickers has to chase it down. She was so tired by the time we came indoors, she needed a nap. But Snickers, not on my furniture!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cardinal Chicks

We have had an exciting week. Yesterday, I had to rescue a baby robin out of our window well. The poor thing had fallen in and couldn't get out. When I leaned over to reach for it, I was surprised at all the robins swooping and chattering at me to get away at the baby. It was so frightened, but as soon as I removed it, the baby flew to it's parents. I don't think I've ever seen such a big flock of robins before. They were all sitting in the locust tree trying to encourage the little one to fly out.

Today, when I came home from work, I took a peak at the cardinal nest. Two of the eggs had hatched. There are two completely helpless little chicks and three eggs still to go. The chicks only had about 3 pin feathers on their heads. I'll bet by next week, they'll be covered in feathers. I'm going to have to keep a close watch on Snickers so she doesn't get at the little birds.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spring is Here?

It is soooo cold today, it doesn't feel like spring time. Snickers and I went outside to explore to see if it has really arrived.

We found Bleeding Hearts in bloom.

Hydrangea in Bloom.

Cardinal's nest filled with five spotted eggs.

Tail to chase.

Wondering where dad is at???

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sea World

One of the places we visited in Florida was Sea World. We always look for things that would amuse Snickers, and we saw this squirrel thieving in a stroller. He must have found some yummy crumbs because he was in here for quite some time.

Often I have heard about orcas, or killer whales, but was shocked when I saw the size of Shamu. WOW! He is HUGE! I have a new respect for these animals. The trainers say that they always ask the whales to perform, they never tell. If you look closely, the trainer looks like a tiny insect on the face of Shamu as he pushes the trainer through the surface of the water. At one point during the show, Shamu pushed a trainer back onto the stage, and he was so powerful, the trainer flew from one end of the stage to the other, and slid off the other side. The show is incredible. If you have the chance, I encourage you to go for a visit.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Home From Florida

We just got back from our vacation in Florida! Snickers got to have a vacation from us, also. It was probably good, so she could get over being upset about the bad manicure. She is better now, and all healed up. My niece stayed with Snickers and took her every day to play with Daisy, the miniature dachshound. Snickers got a new baby from my niece. She loves it and keeps it with her other babies. Snickers was so happy to see us when we got home, the picture I took of her running to meet me is a blur! Aren't homecomings great when you have a dog?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Manicure Gone Bad

We are such bad doggy parents. The trim guard wasn't working correctly on Snickers nail clippers and we accidentally trimmed a nail too short. Boy, did we feel bad. Poor Snickers didn't let out a peep. She must be so used to having been in pain from having had the bad leg. I know it hurt, because when we put the medicine on to stop the bleeding, she winced, but never made a sound. So, the rule is, check the clippers before you clip!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Rat Terrier Spring Time

Snickers tulip garden is in full bloom. I need to thank her for the fertilizer.

The plum bushes don't have a scent but I love the delicate lilac color of the tiny blooms.

My cherry trees are another story. The whole neighborhood can smell their sweet scent. It doesn't take long for the blooms to turn into sprays of tiny cherries.

The dwarf crab apple is so dense, the birds never nest in it. But the songbirds love to hide in here so the larger birds can't catch them. Don't the bright red blooms add a beautiful splash of color?

Uh oh. Snickers smells something. Is it a rat?

No!! It's some new perfume! The best things in life are free!!