Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dogs Play Games, Too

It has been too long since we have left a message! We have been working hard getting through our Statistics class. Ugh! But we finally managed and came through with an "A". I can't believe how much work this is while working full time. I wish there were more hours in a day.

Snickers has been very busy guarding me while I am busy with homework. She keeps a close watch and never leaves my side. Sometimes she watches from her little bed, and other times she lays outside the door. Sometimes she will post guard on the stairs watching the front door for intruders. So far she has been able to keep them all away. Good Snickers!

We have a week off before the next class starts; Financial Management. This is supposes to be the most difficult of the three math related classes. I thought that I would take these three one after the other. Then, if they were too difficult, I wouldn't be wasting my money on the easier classes in case I flunked out. So far so good. Wish me luck!

Here are Snickers and me having a little fun with some friends Friday night. We were the big winners! A whole $1.50. I need to let Snickers help me more often. Take a look at my lucky earrings. They have diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts sewn on them in beadwork. My sister Patty made them for me. She's the best!