Monday, May 03, 2010

Fox River Park

Snickers has decided to go for Saturday mornings walks at some of the local parks. She still is limited to 2 mile walks, but that's a lot better than most people do who have all their legs. Snickers' friend Deb joined us. Snickers had lots of fun marking as many places as she could. It's important to make sure you spread your scent so everyone knows you are around. There sure are lots of funny smells around here. The is the Fox River Park in Waukesha Wisconsin. We had a nice trail to walk on, lots of trees, and a nice view of the river.

Snickers never seems tired, but when I try to give her a rest so her legs don't get tired, she is all terrier! Even though Snickers only has three legs, she does not know she is any different than any other dog. It's her goal to keep on going. There are trees to mark, smells to sniff, and critters to growl at! Put me down!