Monday, March 26, 2007

Rat Terrier Likes Maltipoo

Snickers "cousin" Toby was visiting this weekend. Last time Toby visited, they were trying to decide who was boss. It was Toby's birthday, so we celebrated by giving them each a new toy. Snickers ran off with them both. It is clear that in her house, she is the boss and that seems to be okay with Toby. Here she is drinking Toby's water. Toby doesn't care about that either.

If we travel, Snickers is invited to stay with Toby and Toby is invited to stay with Snickers if his parents travel. It works out nice for the parents, but when we told Snickers, she didn't react very well.

In the end, they got along so well, that Snickers was pretty tired out. After Toby went home, all Snickers wanted to do was sit in Dad's lap and let him scratch her ears.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Hunting Season

Snickers was very busy today practicing her hunting techniques. I caught her shaking one of her babies by the tail. I'll bet it would have broken her neck if it was real.

She has been insisting on going outside and then chasing low flying birds. These birds are very active. The robins are staking out their territory and the mating rituals have begun.

As the neighbors walk by with their dogs, Snickers needs to bark a friendly hello. I think we'll be meeting the new yellow lab that lives next door.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


This post is in memory of Snickers human grandmother who passed away last week. One of the most important jobs she had over her 95 years was being a good mother. When she became too weak to move back home, Snickers visited her in the nursing home. They were always happy to see each other. Snickers enjoyed her visits because there was always something new to sniff. Snickers would have been a good mother if she had puppies. Look how she is collecting her "babies" and putting them in the sun to warm up.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Snickers Goes to School

I have started taking an on line business course and so am spending a little more time on the computer. Snickers still wanted to be a part of everything and was insisting on sitting on my lap. This made it a little hard to type papers so we compromised. I found a tiger striped dog bed for her that she loves. I put it in a sunny spot in my computer room and now we can spend time together and both be comfortable.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Piglets Have Curly Tails, Just Like Snickers

I found a little stuffed piglet to bring home for Snickers. She seemed to know I had a new toy for her even before she saw it. I brought it into the house stuffed under my shirt. She followed me around without taking her eyes off me. Finally, I had to close myself in my computer room just so I could get a good picture of the new baby. Snickers stood outside the door and cried until I let her in. As soon as she saw the piglet, that was it. She has a new baby! She carried it gently in her mouth and ran around the house with it, never letting us near her! What a sweetheart.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Three Legged Dog

There isn't a happier dog alive than Snickers. She is so much fun to come home to. Once we are home, she plays and plays until she has no energy left. Then she insists on sitting in our laps to snooze. When she tires of her toys, no problem, there's still that tail that keeps following her around!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Snickers and Cat Adoption

Snickers' Aunt Patty has adopted many animals. But guess what? Not a single one is a dog. Snickers doesn't really get that, because after all, dogs are the best creature on the face of the earth. All of Patty's animals have been cats. She and her husband have adopted stray cats for many years. As they catch them, they do their best to tame them enough to take to the vet to be spayed or neutered. When one stray cat had a litter of kitties, they adopted them all. They were waiting for the kitties to be old enough to take to the vet when we all got a big surprise. One day, my brother-in-law found one of the "males" in his boat nursing a new litter of kittens. Within a week, all the little females delivered new litters of kitties. They found new homes for all the kittens and all are now spayed or neutered. One cat grew into this big beautiful cat named Callie. Recently Callie became very sick and needed a special diet and an IV to recover. It is certainly an act of love to care for these cats. Isn't Callie beautiful?

Snickers likes looking at Callie's picture, but I think she would try to eat Callie if she got the chance. Little Rat Terriers are great with the family, but they love to hunt so much, they get mixed up when they are around other four legged animals.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Doc was Rescued Too

Snickers has a big dog friend named Doc. Doc was rescued on his death day by a good friend of mine. After he was born, the breeder realized that there was something wrong with him mentally. But he was such a sweet puppy, my friend asked if she could take him home. Doc grew up into a very sweet and loving dog. He doesn't know anything else but love because that is all he has ever gotten. Doc looks like he weighs about 70 pounds and when he sees someone new, he likes to run over to get petted. What a giant sweetheart. He's not very fast at learning new things, and will never be a watch dog. It doesn't matter. He is a great stress reliever. My friend always has someone at home who loves her. Doc got Snickers a new Barbie purse just because he likes her. Snickers could smell Doc, and she couldn't wait to open her present. She loves it! Another new baby!