Friday, May 04, 2007

Rat Terrier Spring Time

Snickers tulip garden is in full bloom. I need to thank her for the fertilizer.

The plum bushes don't have a scent but I love the delicate lilac color of the tiny blooms.

My cherry trees are another story. The whole neighborhood can smell their sweet scent. It doesn't take long for the blooms to turn into sprays of tiny cherries.

The dwarf crab apple is so dense, the birds never nest in it. But the songbirds love to hide in here so the larger birds can't catch them. Don't the bright red blooms add a beautiful splash of color?

Uh oh. Snickers smells something. Is it a rat?

No!! It's some new perfume! The best things in life are free!!


Billy said...

Snickers you are truly adorable. Yes the best things in life are free:)

You have the most marvelous garden...our grass is still yellow, some neighbour's have a bit of green showing but it's still not springtime here...I hope it comes soon little one:)

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Boo said...

i love the gardens! wow, the tulips is sooo tall now and everywhere is full of flowers! snickers must be working hard in making it successful gardening! lol

wet wet licks


MJ said...

The garden is beautiful!!

Oscar Airedale said...

You are a lucky girl to have such a beautiful garden.

Oscar x

Ben_Benjamin said...

I like the last pic !!! Snickers look soooooo cute !!