Sunday, March 04, 2007

Snickers and Cat Adoption

Snickers' Aunt Patty has adopted many animals. But guess what? Not a single one is a dog. Snickers doesn't really get that, because after all, dogs are the best creature on the face of the earth. All of Patty's animals have been cats. She and her husband have adopted stray cats for many years. As they catch them, they do their best to tame them enough to take to the vet to be spayed or neutered. When one stray cat had a litter of kitties, they adopted them all. They were waiting for the kitties to be old enough to take to the vet when we all got a big surprise. One day, my brother-in-law found one of the "males" in his boat nursing a new litter of kittens. Within a week, all the little females delivered new litters of kitties. They found new homes for all the kittens and all are now spayed or neutered. One cat grew into this big beautiful cat named Callie. Recently Callie became very sick and needed a special diet and an IV to recover. It is certainly an act of love to care for these cats. Isn't Callie beautiful?

Snickers likes looking at Callie's picture, but I think she would try to eat Callie if she got the chance. Little Rat Terriers are great with the family, but they love to hunt so much, they get mixed up when they are around other four legged animals.


Boo said...

i have never encounter with a cat before. i'm not sure if i will like a cat or not. but there was once i smelled cat and got real excited. mom didn't even know the reason until she saw the cat. given the chance, i might be good friends with cat.

wet wet licks


Oscar Airedale said...

I have a cat sister. I like to steal her food. That's about all she's good for.

Oscar x

Scrappy said...

I don't much like my neighbor's cat but one of my own may be different.

Tail wags