Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dachshound vs Rat Terrier

Snickers and Ralphie are at it again! Ralphie is such a handsome dog, but he thinks his good looks make him the irresistible.

Snickers loves to play with him, and when they are together, they love to run and nip and jump on each other.

But whenever Ralphie decides he is the boss, Snickers has to let him know that he really isn't. Ralphie is 5 pounds heavier than Snickers. I can't help wondering what would happen between them if they were together for more than a day or two. Snickers is pretty tired by the end of the day after all the reminders that she is the boss. Would she tire out and just give up?


Sophie Brador said...

I'm willing to bet she would never give up!

Balboa said...

I think you could take him Snickers!

Frenchie SNorts

Oscar Airedale said...

I think Snickers is one fiesty little miss and she'd always let other doggies know not to mess with Ms Snickers!

Oscar x

Ben_Benjamin said...

Go gal, go show him who the boss. I like your spirit, hehe!! I will help you if you want to. *wink*

Scrappy said...

My mom says awwww cos she loves to watch dogs playing. I am sure you will manage to stay the boss.

Tail wags

PreciOus said...

Females rule!