Saturday, February 03, 2007

Too Cold for a Walk

Today is a good day for staying inside,curled up in the master's lap with the new baby. Yep, Snickers is taking good care of her new toy, but still has the remains of the baby elephant. I think I will add new stuffing and give it back to her. She had it for so long and took such good care of it, it will be fun to see what happens with the elephant now that she has adopted a new baby. It is only 1 degree outside today and we expect 10 below zero tonight. That's weather you need to plan for. All the beer and brandy has gone into the basement from the garage. All the cupboard doors that have plumbing have been opened to the house to keep the pipes from freezing. Snickers needs to wear her coat when she steps outside and even she is leaving her baby at the door and not taking her out. If we need to go out, the cell phone rides along so help can be summoned if needed.


Oscar Airedale said...

Brr, I feel cold just rding that! Glad the new baby is being looked after.

Oscar x

Sophie Brador said...

Hi Snickers, I'm glad you are staying warm with your baby. I have a three-legged neighbour just like you! Well, okay, he's not exactly like you. First, his name is Leo, not Snickers; second, he's missing a front leg, not a back; and well, third, he's a cat not a dog. But otherwise, he's exactly like you!

Loui said...

It's cold in London too today and I wasn't too keen on going up the fields today!

But I went...just to keep dad happy of course!

Loui xx