Friday, September 29, 2006

Bobbing for Apples and Pins

Snickers has decided that her permanent place is leaning against my leg, no matter what. As I was chopping apples for our salad tonight, I didn't realize that I dropped a piece on the floor. Snickers grabbed it and stashed it away in the hallway. My husband found it and gave it back to her. She tried to hide it again, but I called her back and made her stay next to her food dish. She didn't seem to know what to do with it, so I cut it up for her, thinking that would make it more appealing to her. No, she picked them all out of her food dish and threw them on the floor. No more apples for Snickers.
Later I'm going to try to complete a quilt. I have the back pinned to the floor and now need to baste the batting and top on to it. With as much as Snickers likes to steal things, I will need to do this when my husband is home so he can keep the dog busy. It would be just like her to steal a safety pin and eat it. She will be locked out of the sewing room until this phase of the project is complete.
A fall walk will keep her busy. The colors are really pretty this year.

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