Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dog Dieting

We were told by the veterinarians that we needed to keep Snickers lean to keep the pressure off her leg. So, we try only to feed Snickers her usual meal and bits of treats as rewards. But, for those of you own Rat Terriers, you know what good hunters they are.
Snickers was helping me in the garden the other day and seemed content to be playing while I pulled weeds and thinned the beds. As I bent over, Snickers jumped up and licked my face. What do I smell? Is it onions on her breath? I look behind me and discover that she has been busy digging up bulbs and tuberous roots and eating them.
Well, she must love vegetables and they don't have many calories. I vow to add vegetables to her diet.
From the research I have done, I learn that onions and garlic are not good for dogs. So, as I prepare our meals, I set aside different vegetables for Snickers to try. She doesn't care for tomatoes, but otherwise, she prefers most fresh vegetables to her dog food. Here is a picture of Snickers begging for fresh zucchini.

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