Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Elephants Are Great!

We got a new toy today! It's not as though Snickers didn't have enough toys waiting for her when she came home, but everyone wants to welcome the new addition to the family. My girlfriend has two Dobermans. They are big beautiful dogs. She can't give them little stuffed dog toys because they eat them. They don't just tear them apart, but they swallow the stuffing and any pieces they can tear off. She smiled and told me how much fun she had finding this new toy for Snickers.
Snickers treats new toys as though they are little puppies. The more they squeak, the better she likes it. Snickers doesn't seem to mind that her new puppy has a trunk and floppy ears. She loves it just the same. She likes to poke the new toy with her nose, then she licks behind the ears. Every so often she'll trot over to me and wag her tail. I get a chance to scratch her ear before she runs off to play some more with her new elephant.

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