Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bones, Bones, Bones

Snickers loves to chew! As soon as we realized how busy Snickers likes to be, we knew we needed a game plan. If dogs aren't challenged or exercised enough, they could become destructive. Within the first week, we went through several socks (only one sock per pair), some underwear carelessly left on the floor, and the back side of a pair of jeans.
The jeans belonged to my husband. He slipped them on early one Saturday to run to the grocery and the bank. Once he got home and sat down for his morning coffee, he realized things were a little cool down South. Enough of that.
One reason we wanted a dog was to force us to get a little exercise. Bad leg or not, Snickers was going to walk with us. She loves it! If her leg gets tired, she simply doesn't use it. We decide that it is a good idea to walk her now as much as possible in order to strengthen the good leg. This dog would walk forever and back if you would let her.
We bought several nylabones for her to chew on at home. They come in several flavors. She seems partial to the chicken. These are great for dogs. Bits of the bone do come off, and we have found them in her stool, they pass right through her system. When the bone gets too small, we discard it and give her a new one. She chews through one or two a week. The best part is, there is no more chewing holes in clothes and Snickers has never chewed on furniture.

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