Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My search for a new puppy.

Last September, I began my search for a new puppy. I was so excited that I had finally convince my husband that we absolutely needed one. I thought I found one across the street from our hunting land. It was a cute little Rat Terrier, Jack Russell mix. I went home and did my research, and discovered that the Rat Terrier is a sweet dog, very loyal, but not necessarily good with kids. No problem. Our kids are grown and gone. But the Jack Russell could be a handful. Intelligent, energetic, but known to be destructive and dig holes in furniture. Also, known to kill other pets if left alone with them. Hmmmm. I have a parakeet named Buddy and sure don't want to lose her. We decided against that dog.
After thinking more about it, we decided to search the kennels and try to rescue an older dog that was already house trained. (Maybe we would also need less training). Well, my husband and I are busy and so I started searching the internet. I found many dogs that needed someone to love them, but none that seemed quite right for us. My dog would have to be small so that it wouldn't hurt my mother in law (age 95) or sister in law (age 72).
Then, in a no kill shelter on the other end of the state, I found a little rat terrier named Snickers. The picture that was posted had her looking over her shoulder as if to say, "Here I am" I called my husband over to look and we decided we would try to get her. After filling out the application, and having our references checked, we were accepted as potential new owners. But someone else beat us to her. I was disappointed, but resolved to keep looking.
About a week later, I received a call back from the shelter. The match didn't work. Would we come to Snickers? Yes!!! We scheduled the interview for the next day.
I had to wait until the next day to meet my new dog, and so do you!

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