Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Grandma's House

One reason we wanted a little dog, was so she would be gentle and easy to handle. Snickers is just that. She is a joy around my husband's mother and sister, always excited to visit them and they look forward to seeing her. She licks their faces, and wags her tail. She is forever playful. My sister-in-law has begun keeping treats in the house so she can properly welcome Snickers. I think Snickers would love to go for a visit even without the treats.
There are three little Multipoos that live next door. They are not very well behaved. They bark all the time at anything that moves. Snickers will give them one bark, turns her tail up and walks away. For a little dog, she really doesn't bark much. I'm glad.
Here is Snickers with 95 year old Frieda. I'm not sure which one is having more fun.

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