Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tale of Tails

What good is a tail? Many mammals have tails. Even humans have a tail bone. Some tails are big, some are small. Some are furry, some are almost free of hair. Our tail bone is good for attaching muscles and skin. Birds have tail feathers attached to their tails. These feathers help them navigate and may help them "put on their Sunday best" to attract a mate. Horses use their tails to swat at troublesome flies. You may have seen pictures of elephants walking single file, one elephant using his trunk to hold on to the tail of the elephant in front. Some animals may have just a small flap of skin for a tail. It will be just big enough to cover the sensitive areas on the backside that need a little protection. The tails on my sister's cats seem to stand at attention when they are stalking a tasty mouse, or snap side to side as though they are saying, "This is my place. Stay away!"
I think Snickers has the best tail of all. Her tail is just for playing. When she isn't using it, her tail curls into a big "O" that she holds over her back. But it is always ready and waiting when she finds time to chase it.

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Robert Brinkmann said...

What about the monkey tails! They get to swing around trees and have lots of fun. Sometimes I wish we could do that!