Saturday, September 23, 2006

Who's Bed Is This?

If you want to continue to have a bed for humans that is pretty and always comfortable, don't ever let your dog in bed with you! One night, my husband looked at Snickers looking back at him with her big brown eyes, wagging just the tip of her tail as she lay curled up in her crate and he melted.
I warned him not to do it. Once you let them in, you can't get them out. "Oh Honey, she's just a little dog." Then I looked at him with those big blue eyes looking back at me, and I couldn't say no to him. Up came Snickers and there went my pretty bed.
Because I make handmade quilts, I needed to be able to protect them from our little furry beast. I found some inexpensive extra large beach towels at the local department store. They are very colorful, and are easily washed. This is a good thing, because sometimes Snickers comes to bed with damp paws from the dew after going outside just before coming to bed. Snickers also won't sleep without first chewing and chewing some more on her nylabones. It sounds just like a porcupine chewing on wood! I also picked up a king size blanket in a light color to put between the quilts and the beach towel as added protection for the quilts. So far so good. When I win the lottery, I think I'll pick up a pretty coverlet to replace the blanket.
In the meantime, it's bedtime for Bob and Snickers and Me.

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