Monday, September 25, 2006

Hot Nights

The evenings are getting cooler, so I decided to put a quilt on the bed. Over that goes the blanket and the beach towel to protect the quilt. Normally, this would be perfect bedding for a cool autumn night. But now, I'm 51 and normally warm AND I have a little dog in bed with us! She loves to find the bends and curves that allow her to curl up into a ball and have every available inch touching. This makes for a really hot night.
I need to be careful because I tend to throw the covers off when I get too warm. Then I wake up when I get cool, and find Snickers buried in layers of bed coverings. She doesn't seem to mind. I think she likes it because she never gets up to move or find another spot to sleep.
Sometimes, when I wake up, I will reach down to pet her head and she will give a cute little growl to let me know she's there. Last night I fell asleep with my hand on her head but was awakened when my husband started petting my hand. I started laughing quietly which woke him. He mumbled that he was sorry to wake me, that he thought he was petting Snickers. That really made me laugh! Are my hands that furry? NOT!!!

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