Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Death in the Family

This was a very sad day. Snickers decided to kill her baby. That's right, she figured out it was a stuffed elephant and not a real baby and tore a hole in it's head. Then she pulled all the stuffing out. I found bits of the filling all over the parlor. I can't believe she finally did this.
She had eviscerated every one of her toys within a month of getting them. But the elephant, she has had for almost a year. She has taken this baby outside to go potty, to the food and water dishes to eat and drink, and even to bed when it is time to sleep.
What happened to make her turn on her baby? I think it is my fault. I put the baby in the washer and dryer and made it all sweet smelling and soft. She no longer recognized her scent on the toy. Could it be she no longer recognized it as her own? Bad me. Too bad, so sad. We need to shop for a new baby.
I always thought that if you found a baby bird outside a nest that you shouldn't touch it, but instead should leave it for the mother. I learned that this is not true. Birds will keep their young if returned to the nest quickly enough without injury. But if the baby is left too long and the body temperature is too low or the baby bird is injured, the mother recognizes that the baby will die and will push it out again to make room for the surviving young.
Nature will win, if we let it.


Boo said...

oh no!

sharon, do you mean you have never wash snickers' toys before? mom wash my toys once in a while. in fact, my favourite raty the rat went for shower at least 5 times since i got him 5 months ago!

i wonder if you wash her toys regularly, snickers would leave them alive longer!

wet wet licks


Hui Min said...

oh i never knew that about baby birds!

it's sad about snickers' baby. maybe she already has her eye on a new baby.


Billy said...

I'm sure Snickers that you will have many more toys coming your way.

As for my dad, he went to Orlando with a group of other mentors from his district to a seminar there.

It looks like the weather is nice although I'm not there to see it personally. I'm stuck in the cold up here!


Sharon said...

Yes, we wash Snickers toys routinely, but this one she had been hiding on laundry day. She hides, too, when she hears dad downstairs by the laundry tub. This dog is amazing. She seems to be able to reason things out.

Jennifer said...

Bailey will have a single treasured toy for a while, and then he will enviscerate it. We never know which toy he will pick, or how long it will last.

The really soft toys tend to go quickly, apparently they feel really good on the gums as you tear'em up. I save those for times that I really want him out of my hair for awhile. Keeps him occupied, and cleaning up is sometimes easier than coping with him when he is pretending to be a clingy two-year-old. Oh! The Whining!