Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Puppy for Snickers

We went to the pet store this afternoon and surprised Snickers with a new toy. I had it in the bag and before I could get my coat hung up Snickers pulled it out and claimed it as her own.

Bob had to work to try to get the toy away and cut the tag off.

It squeeks as though it were alive! I wonder how long that will last? This one came a spare squeeker just in case.

Off Snickers runs to hide her new baby! Catch me if you can!


Boo said...

oh sharon,

i thought snickers really getting a little sister or brother!

wet wet licks


Loui said...

I love getting new toys! I have my own little basket full of my toys now!

Loui xx

Hui Min said...

oooh i didn't even get to see what animal it was :p it's good to see that she loves it so much!


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw Snickers, hope that makes up for the loss of the elephant!

Oscar x

Billy said...

Hi Snickers,

I'm glad you have a new toy! It's great to get something new and interesting. It's time for my mom to get me some new ones...let's hope she's reading this!

Billy Boo