Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Snickers at the Party

Oh my goodness! We are so tired tonight. My daughter and son-in-law are visiting from Arizona and we had an open house tonight. We had plenty of guests and Snickers had a visitor also. My brother brought his Maltipoo, Toby. Snickers is the boss of them and wastes no time in letting Toby know. Toby goes along with this, but that doesn't stop him from chasing around the house and stealing treats and nipping and.... What a hysterical sight! They were doing figure eights around the parlor. I have it on video. If I can figure out how to post it, I will do that later this week. I can't wait to share it with you.
At one point, one of the guests stepped on Snickers foot. It was an accident, but Snickers thought the guest was being aggressive. We had to give her a time out to compose herself, and then we were able to bring her back out to make friends. Once she knew there was no danger, she was fine. Having a rescue, we will always have to be aware that situations may arise that might be frightening and be prepared to have a place for Snickers to feel safe. Because we were at home, we were able to kennel her for a short time. I don't believe there was any danger of a bite to any one, but Snickers had her ears back and was yowling and growling and looking at the guest in an unkind manner.
She is very sweet and friendly by nature, so she was back to playing with every one in no time. We will all sleep good tonight!


Boo said...

ha! snickers is right! if a stranger (anybody beside the hooman i meet on a regular basis) 'accidentally' step on my paw paw or tail, surely i'll give them the look and growl. but i don't mind if my hooman "accidentally" or sometime, purposely step on me though. :-)

wet wet licks


Sundae said...

snickers should be fed more that night as compensation. heh.

Jenn said...


Snickers: "I only have THREE, you oaf! Lay off my feet!"

Oscar Airedale said...

People are always treading on my paws cos they;re so damned HUGE. I just squeal like a baby!

You are a cool little lady. I will add you to my list of friends on my blog.

Oscar x

Sharon said...

Ha Ha, I think Jenn's comment pretty much summed up what Snickers was saying, and over and over again!