Friday, January 26, 2007

Dog Rings

Snickers loves to play. You could almost say she lived to play, except she also lives to eat, to be petted, to snuggle, to hunt.....

Snickers could pull your arm off with these ring toys. Bob loves to just tug on them with her. I won't tug because it hurts my hands. I hold my hand down the way Bob is, but I won't take the ring. I wait for Snickers to place it in my fingers. Once I have it, she lets go and I throw it for her. She plays with each of us differently depending on how we like to play. She doesn't care who plays or how, she just wants to play. Isn't it amazing how much strength she has in her legs?

1 comment:

Oscar Airedale said...

Tug games are the best.

She certainly is one strong little lady!

Oscar x