Monday, January 15, 2007

Snickers Edible Garden

My brother is blogging about creating an edible garden as his yard rather than having grass and plants that you need to water. He has an interesting pole bean garden against his house, and pineapples and ginger along with fruit trees. My girlfriends think he needs to also grow edible flowers like nasturtium.
Snickers really doesn't care too much about those plants. But she loves peppers, she likes to dig up bulbs and tubers. Her idea of an edible garden is lots of bunnies running around, mom turning the dirt and finding worms to munch on, dad putting out bird seed so there are birds to hunt (the birds are too smart for Snickers) and lots of tree squirrels and field mice to catch and shake. What fun!
I think by watching Snickers at work, it might give us an idea of what we might have eaten when we lived in caves.
Check out his link to your left at Robert Brinkmann's Garden Blog.


Oscar Airedale said...

I don't think our garden was SUPPOSED to be edible, but I have still munched on most things.

I saw a squirrel in the garden for the first time today. Oh boy, I don't think he'll be back too soon.

Oscar x

Mary-Margaret said...

Dear Snickers - Wow!! You have snow? I've never seen snow. Just ice...lots of ice. We live in Southern California. It just freezes here. You are SOOO lucky.

Robert Brinkmann said...

I am all for edible landscaping, but Snickers takes it way too far!