Sunday, January 07, 2007

Snickers Hiding Spot

We needed to get up at 3am to have Adriane at the airport for her flight. We decided to leave Snickers out of her kennel. We do this occasionally to see how she will tolerate it. She seems fine for short periods, but then tends to stress out and make a mess. We hadn't been able to find her secret snuggle spot until today. We returned home about three hours after we left and found a nice warm spot on the love seat in the parlor. As soon as Snickers heard the car door slam, she became quite excited, but was not destructive while we were gone. Was this because it was an early run, or is she becoming more secure? We'll need to continue to explore.
My neighbor just rescued a yellow lab. They have had it for several weeks now. He is two years old and came house trained. He wasn't sure how the lab would behave when left alone, and so first started with a confinement to a hallway, then a small room, then several rooms and now the dog has the run of the house. He has never had an accident and is not destructive. The only issue is that he didn't want the dog to sit in his recliner and so has been putting a large heavy pillow on the recliner to keep the dog off. Every day, he comes home from work and finds the pillow up against the front door and the dog has been in the recliner.
I think they both know which seat is the most comfortable in the house! We look forward to introducing Snickers to our new neighbor.


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw Siickers, hopefully you are just getting more settled & secure in your new home. I have been using a puppy crate when mum & dad go out, but it's getting a little small now (or I ma getting big!), so mum says they are going to start leaving me in the kitchen. Oooh, I love my crate sooooooo much, so feel a bit anxious.

Oscar x

Sharon said...

We humans have been driving Snickers crazy all week. She literally RAN to her kennel when we were getting ready to go to work. She finally got some rest after a week a goofy schedules.