Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snickers Sniffs out Sedum

Snickers found sedum shoots in various places around the yard. I usually like to keep the dead foliage throughout the winter as cover for the critters. But the shoots are so big, I am risking cutting them down so I don't damage the new growth later on. Although my husband is enjoying the golf, I don't like the warm weather right now. We need to have prolonged hard freeze to kill theinsects that seem to be growing more abundant.

The shoots are quite large already. I don't normally see this until sometime in March when the weather warms.

I wonder what will happen when (if) we get the cold weather and snow that we typically see? I covered these green shoots with the cut dried foliage to help protect them.


Oscar Airedale said...

Snickers must be better behaved than me cos I just eat EVERYTHING in our garden!

Oscar x

Justin said...
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Sharon said...

Two of Snickers favorite garden foods are bulbs and worms!