Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snickers Pads

Because Snickers is a three legged dog, we try to keep her pads in good condition. This can be hard when it gets cold and icy. We finally are back to our good cold snowy Wisconsin weather. We received about 4 inches of snow, and when there is snow, there is ice.

I needed to put a little salt outside on the ice around the walk. I use as little as possible, but sometimes, you just need to bite the bullet for the sake of safety. I don't want to risk falling, and I don't want Snickers to fall. I've noticed that she will like her paws to remove salt and snow which can further damage her pads. I've tried using these little booties with pads, but she doesn't think very highly of them and would just as soon they disappeared.

I check Snickers pads for cracks and use warm water on a towel to rinse them at least once a day during this period. If Snickers pads show any sign of cracking I like to use udder balm or Vaseline at night to soften them. Udder balm is readily available in Wisconsin, it is used by dairy farmers to put on cow's udder's to keep them in good condition for milking. It is also a popular hand lotion for men and women alike.


Sunshade said...

Mum makes me wear those Ruffwear boots, they stop me from slipping on ice, and keep my paws from getting too cold. I'm not sure if they have one for Snicker's size tho....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Chiyo said...

do those booties stay on well? :) i have some too, but they always fall off if i start running, even though HM secures them with a rubber band.


Oscar Airedale said...

I wouldn't fancy wearing the booties either. Looks like you're stuck with the washing & lotions. Better than being sore though.

I want some snow!!!

Oscar x

Joey said...

Hi Snickers, you look beautiful. (ahem... and you do resemble me and my bro)

Sharon said...

Snickers boots try to stay on but she does her best to tear them off just in case they don't fall off. Here comes the snow, ready or not!