Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dogs and Humans Exercise

There is no question that exercise is an important part of the daily routine. It is especially important for Snickers so she maintains the strength in her three good legs and is important for me to maintain my muscle tone and bone density as I age. I recently bought a Nordic Track on eBay for a minimal amount of money and set it up in my sewing room. I tried it out today for the first time and was able to go for a half hour with no problem. I didn't use my arms, because I need to get used to the balance of the machine. Snickers saw me exercising and decided it was time for her to get busy, too. She has a built in Nordic Track in her tail. It won't stop chasing her. She was very busy catching it and when it would slip away, she needed to chase it down again. When she tired of that, she ran off and found her stuffed animals and threw them around the house, shook them, and ran from room to room with them. What a good dog, making sure her babies exercise, too.


Anonymous said...

hehe! so far (i'm coming to 10 months old), i think i only chase my tail for once or twice! i don't find chasing tail is fun! :-) and i wonder why other dogs chasing their tail. but then again, i'm different, you see, i pee like a girl! my grandma was worried whether i'm a girl or boy now.

wet wet licks


Ben_Benjamin said...

Hi sharon & snickers,

yeah, I chase my own tail too but I only do it when im bored....& I like to chew on my toys, shook them, threw them away & chase them back..especailly my Mr.Froggy...its really fun.

Mommy always said I ran like a mad dog. I always run 1 round, jump on the bed & touch the wall like the trampoline & repeat it few times. she doesnt know that Im exercising & prepare myself for the next olympic.


Lola said...

Lola is quite similiar...sometimes I wonder if she knows her tail is attached. We should take a lesson from dogs when it comes to exercise!

Sharon said...

Ha ha. Sometimes Snickers is so busy catching her tail she does sommersaults.