Friday, December 01, 2006


We officially had the first blizzard of the season today. What a joy it was driving to work today! The best part is, Bob went black powder hunting and is missing the shoveling. Snickers and I went at it for about three hours. The snow is very heavy and there is a lot of it. It is interesting to observe our animals in intense weather like this. Snickers was hunting. She didn't find any mice, but every time the shovel uncovered a worm frozen on the driveway, she was right at it scraping it up with her teeth to eat. I thought it was pretty gross but then reminded myself of some of the gross stuff we humans eat........roasted giant spiders, cockroaches, chocolate covered ants, lobster livers, tripe, I could go on.......... I'll post pictures tomorrow. I finished enough shoveled to get the car in the garage. I'm wiped. Time for a beer.

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Boo said...

ah sharon, please do show us the photos!

i'll check back again tomorrow.

wet wet licks