Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Love of Family

I want to share a story. Snickers favorite rug is handmade. I made this rug from a pattern and backing fabric that my "Busia" (grandma) gave me. She was a young girl when she immigrated to this country from Poland. She told me that every weekend she would go downtown to do the shopping while my "Jzajza" (grandpa) would watch the kids. They were married when she was about 15 and had nine children. She bought the backing fabric and pattern on sale at Goldman's. Goldman's was THE place to shop for a good deal and they are in business to this day. My friend is a firefighter and they stop at Goldman's after a run for the fresh candies that are sold there. I still have the original price tag pinned on the back. I loved my Grandmother and learned many lessons from her. These lessons include dignity, perseverance, and love. I can understand why Snickers chose this rug as her favorite. It is my favorite, too.

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Anonymous said...

hey sharon, nice story. no wonder both you and snickers love the rug!

btw, have you read my message on your previous post yet? if you are interest, i can send you a x'mas card.

wet wet licks