Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rabbit Nest

Snickers found a rabbit nest right near the front door. Fortunately for the rabbits, they weren't in the nest at the time. Much of the snow from the blizzard has melted, leaving enough to cover the ground, but not so much that Snickers can't walk in it. She was using her nose to follow the bunny trail through the yard. Rat Terriers are known to be excellent hunters and will kill their prey if they get hold of them. If you introduce them into a household with existing pets, you need to keep a close watch on the animals to be sure your new Rat Terrier is a good match in your household. We have a little parakeet named Buddy that loves to tease Snickers by dive bombing over her. One of these days, I fear Snickers may catch her.


Boo said...

i wonder is that normal for rabbit to be around your house? i have not seen a rabit in real coz mom says she hardly see one herself too except from the pet store!

wet wet licks


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Yes, us terriers love little guys!

Bussie Kissies