Friday, December 29, 2006

Snickers' paws

It always amazes me when I watch Snickers use her paws to manipulate objects. Maybe she's better at it than other dogs because she only has three legs. I think you'll agree she is pretty amazing.

Notice how she keeps her "baby" nearby?


Boo said...

hey sharon,

you know what? i don't know how to use my paws to balance the thing i'm chewing until i saw my cousin doing it. i'm slow but since i'm the only son at home, it's not my fault coz dad never teaches me that.


wet wet licks


Loui said...

I have just discovered this place....great blog!!!
I will make this a regular place to visit as I was a rescue doggy too and now also in a lovely home!

Loui xx

Sunshade said...

I heard it via the grape vine that doggies who uses their paws more is smarter. So I wanted to make sure mum knew that I was smart, so I paw at her and scratch down everyttime she's eating to let her know I need to taste some of that she's eating!! I think you're not only amazing, but smart at the same time!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Sharon said...

Thank you all for thinking Snickers is so smart. We think she is smart, too. But we think we are smarter for rescuing her. Even though she had the bad leg, she was so well behaved we couldn't pass on her. To this day we don't understand how she could have been neglected for three months, then left in a shelter. Today she is off to the nursing home to visit her "Grandma". Frieda and her room mate are looking forward to seeing this little terrier. She is a love bug walking through the halls and greeting everyone, but once she is in Grandma's lap, she goes into protect mode! Look out, here she comes!