Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Broken Teeth

Snickers is not a happy dog today. She got two vaccines and her yearly exam this morning. The vet felt that everything looked fine with the stump, although she seemed very upset toward the end of the exam. The vet thought it was more due to the shot than the exam for the stump because she was trying to scratch the site of the vaccine. She was probably distressed and afraid that I might leave her there again.
We did get some unhappy news. Snickers has two broken molars. One of them is cracked all the way into the root. The tooth will either have to be pulled, or she will need a root canal. I hesitate to put this animal through any more stress than is necessary, so I am leaning toward pulling the tooth. Snickers and I will talk to Bob and then make our decision.
I stopped off at the pet store and bought her a new hard RUBBER toy. We will need to be careful to only give her chewing toys with some flexibility in the future.

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