Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quick Recovery

Snickers is doing great. She continues to eat the lamb and rice and drinks plenty of water. We maintain her on the pain meds, but are able to back off after the first week. She quickly recovers her balance and after a few days begins to play.
The goal is to keep up her strength but not let her jump or run. This is not easy with a rat terrier. I think that the true name of this breed is Rat "Let's play now" Terrier. Snickers is so easy to love. Why haven't we heard more of this breed? It's like having a smaller, more energetic Golden Retriever. I wouldn't recommend her for small children, though, because she does play hard.
After just a couple of days, Snickers is able to squat without help. The Golden Retriever from next door came over to play and immediately realized Snickers was hurt. Snickers cried and yoweled at Harley. It was as though she was explaining what had happened to her. Harley's owners came running over to hold on to Harley so he wouldn't hurt Snickers, but I don't think they needed to. Harley was very gentle and Snickers seemed to like the company.
One little boy was walking with his mother and called over, "Hey, did you know something happened to your dog's leg?"
Yes, we surely do know. I think Snickers is going to turn out to be a good example to children about how much you can do even though you may have a disability.

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