Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stylish Fleece

The Cockapoo that lives across the street is sporting a new pink sweater. His owner is really proud of how he looks in it and thinks he is cuter than Snickers. I would have to differ with that conclusion. I think Snickers is the cutest dog on the block. Snickers doesn't really care, she just wants to be the boss. The cockapoo is the only dog in the neighborhood that seems to be able to boss Snickers. Perhaps it is because he is a male, or maybe it is because he is a little sneaky about letting his feelings be known. Snickers will be completely off her guard and try to play with this dog, and then finds she gets a nip on the nose.
I think I will have to put the super cute dog sweater on Snickers that my daughter got her. It has little penguins on it and is made of a really thick warm fleece. That should really make the cockapoo jealous!

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