Sunday, October 29, 2006

Snickers Helps with Fall Chores

Time to rake leaves and add them to the rose beds. The leaves break down very quickly and enrich the soil with their mulch. By spring time the little that is left will be worked into the soil for nutrients. During the winter the leaves helps to protect the more sensitive part of the rose's roots. The roses that grow best in my yard are tolerant of Zone 4 weather. I live close enough to Lake Michigan that the grow charts consider this area a Zone 5 but I have lost plants during particularly hard winters and so prefer sticking to the Zone 4 tolerant plants.
Snickers finds the work a little boring and she thinks that it is more fun to tie herself into knots while chasing her tail.


Anonymous said...

hey snickers, you are new to dogs with blogs and am here to say HI!!!

you know, there's another dog, a wired fox terrier, name snickers too!

wet wet licks


Sharon said...

Thanks for the welcome. Snickers was rescued last November and loves her new home. She gets lots of hugs and plenty of attention. She is an inspiration to the neighborhood because she runs and jumps just like all the other dogs even though she only has three legs.