Friday, October 27, 2006


Last year when my brother was visiting he told me that we had something living in our walls. I laughed at him and said he was just hearing the siding contracting and expanding. His simple answer was, "Nope". I've listened for critters ever since and have never heard anything.
Well, last night Snickers woke us with a low growl. Grrrrrr............
We were immediately alert and listening for whatever disturbed her. Suddenly, we heard a coarse scratching sound. Bob thought that perhaps it was my niece's tree rubbing against the outside wall of the house. He got up and looked. But while he was up, we heard it again. This time it was much more clear and it wasn't a branch.
Snickers growled again. This time she sounded even more threatening. Bob wanted to crawl into the attic, but I convinced him to wait until morning. We had a trap in the garage that we would be able to bait and place up there.
So, today we explored the attic. It was a great opportunity to check things out. Everything is intact, no leaks or insect invasion. The insulation appears to be in place. We baited the trap with peanut butter and placed the trap on a piece of scrap wood to prevent it from sinking into the insulation. This would have prevented the doors from closing on any invaders.
I hope we are able to catch whatever is out there! Wish us luck!

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Robert Brinkmann said...

dang!!! What is it??