Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat with Snickers

Today is Trick or Treat day in our neighborhood. I love Trick or Treat day because it is so much fun to see the kids growing up and to enjoy their costumes. Snickers was dressed up as a three legged dog. Most of the kids in the neighborhood know her and have heard her story. But there are still some that haven't seen her. One little girl thought it was very sad that Snickers only has three legs and didn't understand how she could walk. We let Snickers say hi to her and walk her to the curb. Snickers has gotten so strong that she can jump 30 inches onto our bed without help. She has figured out how much of a running leap she needs in order to make the jump. We assure everyone that she is much happier without the leg that caused her so much pain. She is certainly not disabled, only abled differently. Here she is enjoying Trick or Treat as much as I am.


Anonymous said...

hey sharon, glad snickers has a good time with the trick or treat!

wet wet licks


Baily said...

snickers you look like you got so much fun!
your family must be so proud of you, living a normal life with 3 legs and doing everything a 4legged dog would do too.

nose licks

Sharon said...

She is a sweet but feisty dog. Really an opportunity to show the kids that you may look different, but you can still succeed.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get any trick or treaters at my house.

Bussie Kissies