Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Snickers is taken to surgery at 8am. We know there is no going back. It has been a very difficult decision, but as the surgeon said, "This is a four legged animal and she still has three good legs". Not much consolation at this point...
After dropping Snickers off, I go to work and wait to hear how the surgery went. Snickers is out of surgery and awake by 11am. The tendons and muscles are much shorter than expected. Reconstruction would probably not have worked. I am promised another call in a few hours.
At about 1:30 I receive another call. Snickers is up and has gone out to the bathroom twice. She is doing well. Still no promises to take her home. I agree to stop on my way home from work to check on her.
At 4:30, the veterinarian office calls again. This time they want to know how soon I can come to get my dog!!!! Snickers cries unless she is being held. The surgeon feels she wants to come home and will do much better there. I'm on my way!
Snickers is sedated and given pain meds prior to going home. She is very groggy when I arrive. Her tongue is dangling from her mouth, but she wakes enough to know I am there. Her hind quarter is wrapped in a bright pink pressure bandage. I am instructed on how to administer the pain medication. She can eat if she wants and have all the water she wants.
I pick her up and hold her. She immediately relaxes and goes back to sleep. I plan to stay up all night with her if need be. I pray that this was the right decision.

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