Friday, October 20, 2006

Golden Retriever

Everyone has a best friend. Snickers' best friend is Harley, the big gentle Golden Retriever from next door. Our neighbors always worry that Harley is a nuisance to us, but we love him. We had a Golden when our girls were little and they are wonderful dogs to have with small children. They look a little daunting to some people because they are so large. But they seem to have a sixth sense when they are around little people. Even though Harley is a male and much larger than Snickers, our little Rat Terrier is the boss. She loves playing with Harley and they get along beautifully. Snickers is, however, protective of her people and doesn't like it if Harley jumps on us or gets too close. Snickers has been known to chase him out of the yard if we give Harley too much attention. You can see that Harley crouches down to Snickers level as they greet each other.

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