Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How Do You Slow A Rat Terrier Down?

Today, only one day after her dental surgery, Snickers went for a walk. This is after she insisted on chasing her tail around the yard and doing somersaults in the fallen leaves. I'm softening Snickers food with warm bullion so she won't hurt her mouth when she eats, but there is no way she is going to lay around for another day. What do you think of her remaining teeth? Nice and sharp!

I eventually got Snickers to settle down in her bed. I moved it into the kitchen so she could be with me while I was working. This gave Buddy, the parakeet a chance to get out. We need to be careful to keep the two animals apart so Snickers won't eat Buddy.
I found a Red Lion Amaryllis bulb kit at the local nursery, so I used this opportunity to plant it so that I have a nice display at Christmas time. It came with a dehydrated compressed disk of mulch that you rehydrate with some warm water. You can see that Buddy is very interested in what I am doing. I look forward to enjoying this flower in December.

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