Monday, October 16, 2006

Yearly Exam

Tomorrow morning Snickers will have her yearly exam. She needs a new set of heartworm pills and an update on her vaccinations. We want to do our best to keep Snickers healthy. Her stump has healed beautifully, although it is somewhat sensitive. She trusts me enough to lightly stroke the area but then will push my hand away with her snout when she has had enough.
We are really lucky that our rescued dog has such a docile personality (except when she is playing). I have heard other stories of rescue dogs that are just as sweet. They seem to know that they have a second chance. When I first visited the vet, I warned them that she is a rescue and asked them to muzzle her just to be sure that she didn't bite them. She was frightened and was a bit snappy at that time. Since that visit, she has gone to the vet unmuzzled without incident. She is no longer frightened, and even though she needed the amputation, she seems to understand that everyone is working hard on her behalf.
I think I'll give her some human crackers with peanut butter in anticipation of an uneventful visit.

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