Thursday, November 30, 2006

Family Fun

We love when our kids visit, and that includes are niece and nephews. They are just like our own kids and we love them very much. Snickers feels the same way. My nephew was waiting in our driveway to visit and have dinner when we got home from work. We all went into the house together. My nephew went into the family room and so Snickers didn't see him when she came running downstairs from her kennel. I let Snickers out right away and had a hard time getting her to do her business. She had picked up on my nephew's scent and all she wanted to do was play with her new human visitor. I had to chase her back out to "go potty"! Finally, she finished her job and so I let her back in to play. We all had dinner together. Even though Snickers begs for table food, she is restricted to her dog food and a few treats. Here she is trying to beg and the two men playing with her. Can you feel the love?


Isabella said...

Snickers has such a great family! She must be a very happy dog with so many people to love her.
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

snickers is so lucky to have visitors. normally i get to play with mom and dad on weekdays. but luckily i get to meet my own kind and grandma and grandpa and some other hooman on weekends.

tell ya, i have been bugging the hooman when they eat for few months until recently mom took the ruler out and spanked me. now, i don't make noise or beg when they eat.

wet wet licks