Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Snickers Collects Fabric

Snickers doesn't really collect fabric. I do. But Snickers is a wonderful companion to me as I go about my work. When I sew, she lays on my feet, and as I stand and cut out fabric, she stands beside me and leans against my leg. If Bob is home, she will agree to lay in her little bed as long as it is in the same room with me. Otherwise, she will watch the door with her ears straight up as she listens for intruders.
As I make quilts, I fill a basket with the scraps. My basket was out of control, so I decided it was time to cut pieces for making a quilt. I had lots of squares of various fabrics, and lots of strips. I cut the pieces to make a semi-log cabin square. I will be able to make a queen size quilt from these. The odd pieces I cut using a template so that I could make a Drunkards Path design. I cut the smaller piece mostly out of yellow with a few blue and red pieces thrown in for interest. There will be enough of these to make a crib quilt.
I enjoy this. It is a combination of art and puzzle work all at the same time. Plus I get the added bonus of having something warm and snuggly to enjoy when I am done.


Anonymous said...

hey sharon, have you made anything for snickers? like his bed or clothes or anything? must show us! remember the other snickers i told you? well, her mama make clothes too and mom ordered from her before.

wet wet licks


Sharon said...

I haven't made anything for Snickers. Bad Mom! I've been busy with family, but I would like to make some fun doggy wall hangings that pet moms and dads might enjoy. I don't think this little terrier would put up with me dressing her, but she sure loves to snuggle. Beds might be an idea.