Saturday, November 11, 2006

Balance Is Everything

When I watch Snickers, I am reminded that even though she is very much a typical dog, she is not a usual dog. Snickers has made adjustments to compensate for the loss of a leg and we will need to intervene to help her to compensate. Snickers will jump and beg whenever she gets the chance or thinks she has a soft target around (Grandma) that might give her food. Her remaining hind leg is unbelievably strong. But, because we live in the North, we will need to move her bathroom facilities to another entrance so she doesn't need to walk across the icy deck. We don't want to risk a slip and fall that might damage another leg. When she squats or bends, she uses the front legs in different ways, and actually seems to place them in a tripod position in order to support her body. Other than her physical adjustments, she doesn't behave any differently than other dogs her age. She lives to play and to have her humans pet her.


Jay said...

Hi Snickers, you amaze me with your ability and resilience. :)

You rock, girl!


Sharon said...

Thanks. I sure am glad I found these people. It's really a lot of work taking care of them, though. I spend most of time guarding them. I have to lean on them so in case they move to another room, I'll know right away.

Anonymous said...

hey sharon,

i like begging for food by jumping to the hooman too. i never give peace to my parents when they had their dinner but that doesn't happen anymore coz mom found a way to discipline me - scare me with the long ruler! now whenever i try jumping on them while they had dinner, mom will hit the ruler on the table and i'll get the hint and walk away!

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