Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wisconsin Trails

Wisconsin is full of walking trails waiting to be enjoyed. Many of them were created after electric bus and railroad lines were removed. Today, they are maintained with a partnership between the power company, local government and volunteer organizations. Some of the trails are more challenging than others. Some are not pet friendly, and others even allow horses. It is good to check ahead of time, but always be aware of the trail signs.
Our local trail was developed from tracks initially laid in 1904 by the Milwaukee Light Heat and Traction Company. This old bridge over the creek has the initials along with the district number. It is hard to tell if this is District 12 or 18. These recreational trails run throughout Wisconsin and are heavily used in this part of the state. If you enjoy geocaching, you may discover a cache hiding somewhere on these trails. Caches are registered and approved prior to posting on the DNR website.


Anonymous said...

hi sharon,

nice trails you have there. mom told me she sometime likes go trail walking too. my grandma has invited me and mom to her for a hill walk on weekends. but bcoz mom afraid i might not be able to finish the walk all by myself, she has declined the offer. i get tired after a short walk - short i mean like 5 minutes! but i'll be able to get back walking after a 5 minutes rest though.

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Robert Brinkmann said...

Very cool image!! I remember walking on some of those!!

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