Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bad news. While I was making my Caramel Apple Pie for Thanksgiving dinner, I spilled caramel sauce all over Snickers back! OOPS...... Now Snickers needs a bath. It's not fair for Snickers. The sauce is where she can't lick it off and she just had a bath a couple days ago. She hears Bob downstairs putting warm water in the laundry tub and tries to hide beneath my legs. Too bad, so sad! Her fur is soooo sticky.
So down to the laundry tub we go. I went upstairs to get my camera and when I got downstairs Snickers was already in the laundry tub getting soaped up. As soon as she saw me she growled at me as if to say, "See what you caused?"
Well, the water was nice and warm and just as Snickers hit the floor, she shook herself to remove the water. Once Bob caught her he toweled her off and it was as if the fast switch was pushed. She ran from one room to another at break neck speed, stopping on a dime and spinning and running the next way.
Hope the dachshund we see today won't think he can pick on Snickers because of how sweet she smells. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Jenn said...

The three-legged shake.

When my chihuahua shakes off, both his back legs leave the floor and are flung side-to-side. Wierdest looking thing ever. I should try to get photos, hm?

Sharon said...

That would be really fun to see! When Snickers comes in from outside and it is wet, I will wipe her feet. I have to support her backside on my arm when I wipe her back paw and when I finish, before I can remove my arm, she swings herself up on her front legs and lifts her leg up over my arm to get away quicker.