Tuesday, November 14, 2006


It is important to keep your dog socialized. A dog that remains in the house might become fearful or overprotective of its owners. Snickers will be more of a house dog because of her amputation, but we will continue to keep her socialized. She is best friends with the Golden Retriever next door and always watches for him so they can play together. I have a dog because my brother loved his new pet so much, it convinced me that we couldn't live without one. Here is a picture of Snickers with Toby. They sure had a lot of fun playing together. It is funny that when Snickers is around bigger dogs, she has to be the boss. But when there are other dogs her size around, she tends to let them do a little of the bossing. Aren't they cute?

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Anonymous said...

yeah, i agreed that socialising is good. my dad used to have a dog but that dog is afraid of other doggie but comfy with hooman. dad said its because his dog wasn't around with other doggie when she was young and hence didn't feel comfortable with other dogs around her.

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