Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pet Toys

I knew that Snickers needed some new toys to keep her interested when I caught her chewing up a new spool of quilting thread I brought home. Fortunately, I caught her within a minute of her "attack" so she didn't have time to swallow any thread. That could have been a disaster!
I looked around and pulled together some of her toys. This Barbie airplane was one of her first toys. She has long since killed this one and gutted it, even going so far as to turn it inside out. I discarded this toy, and several that were in a similar condition.
Snickers and I went on a run to the Pet Store. Everyone was very helpful. I think that they felt sorry for this little three legged dog. She showed them. Snickers was jumping and playing and pulling on her leash just so she could show everyone how strong she was. We found an airplane toy and an octopus toy, both in a pretty lime green. The clerks all commented on how strong Snickers was. We couldn't wait to get home to try out those new toys!

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