Thursday, November 09, 2006


Dandelions are only weeds if you think so. They are also a vegetable that can be eaten raw or fried. The flower makes a beautiful bouquet, especially for a youngster bringing the flowers to his favorite mom. The fluffy seed head is wonderful for making a wish, blowing it into the wind, then waiting to see if it comes true. Have you ever had old fashioned dandelion wine? This is a pretty little, pesky wildflower that is one of the last to give up in the fall and one of the first you see in the spring. Just have a minute to check out the dandelion, before Snickers needs to try to catch that tail!


Boo said...

sometime dogs chew on grass. according to the elderly, grass helps dogs cure illness! is that true?

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Sharon said...

Hey Boo, I found this website that you may be interested in. So far Snickers hasn't eaten grass, that I've seen. But she does look for bunny droppings and worms.

Anonymous said...

thanks sharon for the link!

wet wet licks