Friday, November 10, 2006


We have had an honest to goodness Bigfoot sighting in the area. Most people are very skeptical, some think it must have been a bear. The man that saw it was collecting roadkill carcasses. He said that he put a carcass in his pickup and all of a sudden the truck began to shake. The creature was furry and over seven feet tall. He swears it was not a bear.
To top it off, we had very unusual weather today, Thundersnow. This is quite rare and really is quite spooky. Lightening and thunder in the middle of a snowstorm with hail and rain is not the type of weather you might expect.
Snickers was nervous, and so was I. We don't like lightening (mostly me). Snickers was busy protecting me and her babies from whatever was trying to break in. Can you see our very own Bigfoot hiding on a shelf?


Jenn said...

I found a few dog sites with tripod dogs, thought you might find them interesting!

Cassie's Club is an online 'club' for tripods.

And I Heart Tripods is the ongoing story of Lulu, an new tripod who is working through chemo treatments...

Anonymous said...

hey sharon,

just to share with you - recently there were 2 festival in my country. those hooman like to play firecrakers during this kind of festive and it went on and on for at least 2 weeks! at first i got scared and hide underneath the chair then i got annoyed and started to bark back! luckily no more since past week. but x'mas & new year is coming and surely it will start all over again!

and i don't like thunder too!

wet wet licks


Sharon said...

Thanks Jenn. There are some special stories out there. I am always reminded that a measure of our humanity is how we treat those around us. When we found our Snickers, she was in a shelter and had been abandoned. I don't know how she was treated except that she had been left outside for three months before we found her. When I get upset about it, my husband reminds me that the previous owners cared enough to leave her in a "No Kill" shelter. It is very hard to make the decision to amputate, sometimes in the case of trauma and cancer there is no choice. Ours was more difficult, but after weighing all the options, it was certainly the most humane. It is good to know there is a support system out there. Thanks.